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V.I.P. Accessories

V.I.P. offers a huge selection of vests, ties, and bowties, available in a variety of colors, certain to match any wedding or party color scheme. Need shoes? socks? No worries...Here are some of the accessories available. We invite you to to come in and browse our many different styles and colors, and to take advantage of our knowledgeable and professional staff to guide you and offer expertise on matching and combining different looks to make certain you look the best for your special event.

Tuxedo Vests

Tuxedo vests

Tuxedo vest

VIP Tuxedos Brick NJ

Gray Tuxedo vest

pink tuxedo vest

orange tuxedo vest

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Tuxedo Ties

pink tuxedo stripped tie

colorful tuxedo ties

Tuxedo Shirts

tuxedo shirts